Tools: Send Anywhere – Share Files Anywhere/Anytime

Today I came across a great mobile application for sending and receiving files between devices, whether it be setting up a new mobile device or sharing files with friends and family the Send Anywhere application couldn’t make it easier.

The following transfer options are currently available:

  • Internet
  • Local Wifi
  • Wifi Direct

Send anywhere is not limited to Android and IOS mobile devices, client are also available for desktop (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) and extensions for popular web browsers.

The mobile applications makes it incredibly easy to share the following content:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Applications
  • Contacts
  • Files

Wrapping Up

The Send anywhere team strive to deliver an easy and intuitive way to share files. That’s why you can’t look past this great tool when you have a need to share your files between your devices, and those of others.