Software: From Brave Browser to Waterfox / Firefox Focus

Recently I made the move from the Brave Browser on both Desktop and Mobile to Waterfox (Desktop) and Firefox Focus (Mobile) respectively, hears why. First of all I have spoken about Brave Browser on this site before as a good option for a Privacy Focused Browser and still believe it be so. However it was time for a change.

Incompatible Sites/Software

First of all I had begun to run into some sites and web based applications that I use that didn’t function correctly in the Brave Browser, here are a few of the top of my head.
  • Dell Website
  • Emby (Web Application)
  • Sonarr / Radarr (Web Application)
At this time I was running Google Chrome as an alternative to access sites that Brave had issues with.

Privacy Concerns – Switched to Linux

Secondly was a YouTube video by Switched to Linux titled Brave vs Firefox Focus App for Smartphone Privacy. This video outlined some concerns with the Privacy Policy as well as the Permissions requested by the Brave Android Application. Be sure to check out the video and form your own opinion. This same video compares the Android requested permissions for Brave and the Firefox Focus Application.

The Change

Ultimately my decision came to the fact that I wanted to try something new. I enjoyed utilizing the Brave Browser and by all means I may find myself using it again (maybe once version 1 is released). It is still early days, I have been running Waterfox and Firefox Focus for 1 days now and everything is looking good at this stage.


I’m still tweaking these browsers to my liking however here are a few changes I have made to begin with.
  • Disabling the Built-In Password Manager (Personally I use LastPass)
  • Ensuring cookies are wiped every time the browser is closed.
  • Disabling the use of Browser Notifications.
  • Setting the default search engine to Start Page.

Wrapping Up

This post is in no way designed turn you away from utilizing the Brave Browser, but if like me your looking for a new Privacy Focused browser to check out take a look at WaterFox and FireFox Focus.