Resource: – Digital Forensics Tools and Resources

Have you got an interest in Digital Forensics, and looking for some resources to get started?
Maybe you have started down the digital forensics profession and want to develop yourself professionally.
If so check out I recently stumbled across this site, its full of so much information and tool recommendations that I wish I had access to when I dabbled in Digital Forensics.


I first happened across this site when I was looking for some digital forensics software recommendations. The site includes the most comprehensive directory of forensics tools and software I have come across.
Thus directory of software also includes lesser in now open source software tools hosted on GitHub.


This section of the site includes downloads such as forms, templates, guide and helpful cheat sheets.
You can find links to useful white paper resources as well as recommended books for the field.

Wrapping up

This site is full of much more useful content and is growing rapidly. They have also recently started a Patreon campaign in order to expand there platform.
Check them out, you won’t refer it.