How to: Encrypt a USB drive with Veracrypt

Everyone these days has atleast one USB drive, and it’s not uncommon that they go missing. That’s why I want to walk you through step by step how to encrypt your data and keep it safe.
We are going to use software known as Veracrypt to protect you drive using extremely powerful encryption algorithms.

Download Veracrypt

Head on over and download the latest copy of VeraCrypt. Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. I will using the Windows version for this guide.

Installation of VeraCrypt

The installation of VeraCrypt is very straightforward, for this installation we are going to accept all default options.

Encrypting your USB

Now for the juicy stuff, encrypting your USB.

  1. From the main application window select Create Volume.
  2. Select the option to Create a Volume with a partition/drive.
  3. Select Standard VeraCrypt Volume.
  4. Click Select Device and choose the USB drive you wish to encrypt.
  5. Leave Never Save History checked and select next.
  6. The next windows let’s you select the Encryption Algorithms you would like to use, for this tutorial we are going to leave these default.
  7. Next you need to select a password, ensure it’s a strong password or passphrase.
  8. You now need to select the file system you desire. If you are unsure leave the default options selected.
  9. On the volume format screen, you need generate some random data. This is done by moving your mouse around untill the progress bar is green. Once this is done select the format option.
  10. The format option can take some time. Upon completion you now have any encrypted USB drive. VeraCrypt will walk you through the steps to mount your new drive.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this guide was enough to get you started encrypting your portable storage devices. Stay tuned for walkthroughs of more advanced VeraCrypt features as well as how to encrypt your System Drive.