How to: E2B – Create an Easy2Boot Multi-Boot USB

Earlier this month I shared with you my favourite tool for creating an all in one Multi-Boot USB, Easy2Boot. I wanted to take this opportunity to walk through the setup of a new Easy2Boot thumb drive.

Before we get started I want to point out that this guide is for Removable USB flash drives, some changes are required for Fixed USB HDDs.

1. Download Easy2Boot

Head over to and download the latest version of Easy2Boot. At the time of this writing the latest version is v1.A0. For windows users please download the EXE for everyone else there is also a ZIP available.

2. Setup new drive

  1. Launch the executable downloaded in step 1. ( Easy2Boot_v1.A0.exe ).
  2. Select the Destination in which the Easy2Boot files will be extracted before being copied to your new drive, and click Next.E2B-1
  3. You will be prompted with the Make_E2B program.Easy2Boot
  4. Select your Removable USB Drive from the drop down menu. For this example we are utilizing a 16GB Sandisk Ultra Drive, Personally I use 64GB version of the same drive and it has been flawless.
  5. Select your desired E2B menu language from the dialog on the left, and click the red Make E2B Drive button.
  6. Click OK at the prompt.
  7. A CMD window will display, showing the setup progress.
  8. A warning prompt will display ensuring you want to continue and erase all content on the select USB Drive, click OK.
  9. Once the CMD windows indicated that its finished press any key to continue.

3. Testing your new Easy2Boot drive

Now that Easy2Boot is present on your USB Drive the Make_E2B program will display the option to Test with QEMU in green.


Select the Test with QEMU option and an emulated session will be started utilizing your new E2B drive.


Wrapping Up

You have now successfully created an Easy2Boot Multi-Boot Removable USB Drive, stay tuned for a write up on how to add payload files or head over to and check out there tutorials.