How to: Blog from a Mobile Device

Due to nature of my work currently, 90% of the work I have done on this blog was done using my mobile phone. Mobile devices are getting better and better, they are becoming more and more capable, taking away the need for a desktop or laptop computer.
However, blogging and maintaining a website is one of those tasks I can’t stand doing on my mobile phone. I’m sure a tablet would elevate most of these issues.
But, sometimes you have to make do with what you got, here’s how I make it work.


Where all my post start. Evernote has become my notepad for everything blog related. I keep a note of all my blog post ideas, and start all my posts including this one there too.
Couldn’t you just use the WordPress editor?
Yes and here is why I don’t. When i quickly want to jot down an ideas I have on the run, I find starting a new blog post more cumbersome then starting a new Evernote. I often have multiple posts I’m working on at one time, I don’t like the idea of all these being drafted post on my site.
I want to add Trello to my workflow also, and will update this post when I get around to incorporating it.


I use for a lot of my featured images, with the free stock photography. I have had no issues using my mobile phone to download new images to my mobile, and uploading to WordPress.

Issues and Concerns

  • Harder to create links. I find the link insert tool very buggy on my mobile device, and as such leave link additions to when I have access to a desktop.
  • Writing a How-to. Being a tech blog, how to post benefit greatly from screenshot to follow.

Wrapping Up

Posting from a mobile device is difficult but it’s possible. If it’s your only choice I hope these tips help you.
Disclaimer: Blogging from a Mobile Device makes everything much more difficult, and can negatively effect your productivity. It should be a last resort, however jotting notes on your mobile while your out and about is a life saver.