Hardware: RaspberryPi – The $35 Computer

The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Chances are if your reading this or have an interest in technology, you already know abit about the Raspberry Pi.

This is not the first time I have meantioned Raspberry Pi, take a look at my post on OSMC if you are interested in a front end media client utilising the popular open source media client, Kodi.

Project Ideas

  1. Front-End Media Centre – I use OMSC for this very purpose but there are many purpose built Operating Systems designed for this using Kodi Media Centre.
  2. Retro Gaming Console – There a handfull of projects to turn your Raspberry Pi into a full fledged Retro Gaming Console. The largest of which being RetroPie. The number of gaming machines RetroPie can emulate is incredible.
  3. VPN Server – With online privacy becoming an ever trending topic, VPNs are all the rage. What if you could have your own Raspberry Pi VPN Server? Head on open to pivpn.io to check out more.

Wrapping Up

The Raspberry Pi is not only cheap, its use cases really are bound only by your imagination. There are thousands of projects and tutorials online for all things Raspberry Pi. If you consider yourself a geek and haven’t got a Raspberry Pi, your missing out.