CertSocial – Our new IT Certification Community

In the Information Technology profession there is a need to constantly stay upto date with the latest technologies. A good way to do this is through certifications, that’s why we would like to announce the launch our new IT Certifications Community.

In the Beginning

Our site has been up and running for one day, it’s a work in progress to say the least. At this stage our site is centred around our blog, however we have visions to add other resources in the future.

The Future

The Future of CertSocial is a ever changing beast. We have visions of a practice exams component and perhaps a Wiki component.
What we do see for CertSocial is a community that’s kept up-to-date, constantly adding new categories and content.

The Technical

We chose to run our forum on a self hosted Vanilla Forums build. We have seen a shift, with alot of older forums looking to vanilla for the future. That said if we find a better alternative down the track we won’t be afraid to make the jump, we won’t to offer the best of the best to our community.
We played with the idea of integrating a CMS with Vanilla but landed on just running Vanilla for the time being, and designing the additional features ourselves.

What We Are Not

We will not be a community for the sharing of Brain Dumps or any material that is outside the guidelines of any given exam provider. This is a place to share knowledge and resources to improve your learning experience.

Wrapping Up

We strive to be a community that listens to its members and is constantly evolving, because that’s what tech does right?

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